Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ode to Craig's List

Our digital camera is not working (and hasn't for about a month) so I've hesitated to write lately.  The two ideas for blogging have required photos to make the best impact but the blog is getting seriously outdated so I'm going to write now, adding stock photos I found online to give you an idea of what I'm describing.

After Denver, I decided to start browsing Craig's List to find some local treasures.  Also known as JUNK.  I have been blown away by the finds:

1.  Three Dresser Drawer for Colby's Room.  $10.  I promise, the one I bought is not nearly as pretty and needs a new coat of paint and some decoupage-ing.  

2.  8 cans of baby formula from a local mom.  At $5 per can (normally $11-12 at Wal-Mart), we fed Colby for half-price last month.  I'll admit, this was the sketchiest purchase but the mom was totally normal and had a 13-month old who had transitioned to milk.

3.  Double Jogger.  I've been wanting to get out and walk (maybe run, ha) with the kids so I've been dreaming about a double jogger, where the kids sit side-by-side.  Found it.  Burleson for $40.  This is a STEAL, for anyone who tracts these.  Now, please keep in mind that ours is USED, slightly faded and the brake doesn't work.  

4.  We sold our dining room table & chairs for $225 to a guy who lives in north Dallas.  He picked up and hauled away the first piece of furniture the Thompsons bought four years ago.  

5.  Two-drawer filing cabinets for $5 each!  They are rusted but work great so with a can of metal primer & aqua blue spray paint, I'll have a very shabby-chic home filing system!

6.  This week, I came across a 12-bin toy organizer shelf thingy.  The bins on ours are light blue, dark blue, green, and red so it's perfect for Colby's room or maybe the playroom.  We'll see!

Craig's List allows you to avoid the following:
1.  eBay shipping, auctioning, etc.
2.  Sales Tax!
3.  The whole consumer-driven economy of mass-produced everything!  

At the worth-while cost of:
1.  Driving sometimes long distances. 
2.  The risk of seeing it in person but not liking it (hasn't happened yet).
3.  Finding something online that's already been sold.

I'm a JUNKIE and I'm LOVING it!