Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mom Essentials #3

Essential: Cheap Haircuts
Type: Mom Essential: health & beauty
Cost: starting at $15.95

When I had long hair, I could get away with haircuts every 4-6 months. Since it's been much shorter, I have to cut it more often and was forced to find a cheaper place. I had been getting it cut at Ulta (I've always liked their stylists) but I was paying no less than $45 plus tip each time. Yikes!

Let me introduce you to Mastercuts and more specifically, a great stylist at the Hulen Mall Mastercuts, whose name is Kimberly. I went on a whim, she happened to be working, and come to find out, she was trained by Toni & Guy.

Hair cuts start at just $15.95 for adults, a shampoo is $2-3 more, and style is additional. I went last week, washed my hair a couple hours before leaving, she sprayed it before cutting ($2 savings), and I pass on the styling, which saves another $6.

And, right now, you can print off a coupon for $2.00 so I paid just $13.95 plus tip. That's a savings of over 60%.

Now you have no excuse for a boring haircut!!

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Rachel said...

i second that! she did a great job on my hair too :)