Friday, January 1, 2010


I saw "Julie & Julia" a few weeks ago and was completely inspired by Julie's blogging endeavors. (I secretly hope I will get a book deal someday. *wink*) I figured that with the start of a new year, now might be a good time to start some sort of series or theme that relates to the next 365 days. Oh wait, is this a leap year? Nope, 365 days indeed.

My most honest and raw topics tend to be related to being a mom and having children (and yes, those can be two different things) so I'm going to dub this my "Year of Adventure" and broaden my theme to include other parts of my existence.

Those closest to us might say our marriage has been one big adventure: one strong-willed woman marrying a quiet, although strong and passionate younger man, which turned quickly into a story of becoming pregnant, struggling through some very dark times, and finding ourselves with two children within 3.5 years of being "the Thompsons." It's only fitting that the year 2010, a new decade, and potentially the most life-changing year we've faced, become the platform for sharing life on a more consistent level with the cyber masses. Adventure, though some might call it change or stress factors, has always been a part of our lives.

So here's to TwentyTen. I might not have over five hundred recipes to set a particular goal but I do believe that God is creating something more unique than "beef bourguignon" within the space around me and my family. And, more than that, He is creating space within us (and in the days before us) that requires an adventurous spirit, one that embraces His great goodness and leadership.

Will you join me for the Adventure?

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Anonymous said...

Look forward to what God has in store you guys.