Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh the Joys: Delighting in Teaching my Child(ren)

Zoë turned six just 13 days ago and we began to home school her today.  We don't do school at home, we home school.  We follow the great wisdom of Carol Joy Seid, Gladys Hunt, and Raymond S. and Dorothy N. Moore.  We believe that less is more...less time, less subjects, and less pressure.  More play, more creativity, and more nature.

We have long been on the journey with preparing for our children's education.  It has indeed been a long and arduous one, with ups and downs, backs and forths, and prayer on steroids.  (Let me just say, it is one thing to research and ponder your child's education but that process is a mere prelude to actually educating your child.)  

So today continues that journey and it started with peace and a sense of things falling into all the right places.  Some day I'll put some more detail into how we've spent the past three months getting ready for today.  For now, here are pictures of the big girl on her first day of school.  

With Daddy before he heads to work

"First Day of School 2011-2012"
Our "fun" book with wipe-off marker time

Mostly focusing on *great* books

Must-haves for Mom: coffee, lesson plans, and cute pens!

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Rachel said...

Happy first day of school! So fun! and how i love Miss Rumphius :) Im so glad cooler days are ahead so we can learn some inside then send them out to learn and grow outside! (4 kids riding scooters in the house is getting old ... and loud) :)