Sunday, November 20, 2011

OAMC, Part 2

Here's a brief overview of what I did these past few days, how much I spent, and what it produced.  I am very, very happy with the process!  The actual evaluation will come in a month, when we see if the freezing process created good food to eat.  

Thursday: I started at Costco with weekly ad prices from other stores so I could make the best decision and save the most money.  Walmart was great, too, and I spent significantly less there than I had planned.  Cleaned the kitchen in anticipation of prep time.

Friday: I had some extra time and energy so I decided to start prep.  It turned into just a few hours and resulted in several items for the freezer.  I made all the beef dishes, pasta dishes, and potatoes.  Cleaned as I went and still had a clean kitchen when Brad got home from work.  (Fail: I didn't plan for dinner that night and since everything I made was still freezing, we just got a rotisserie chicken from the store.  Next time, I need to have a plan for dinner on the nights I'm prepping.)  

Saturday: I purchased the chicken from Sprouts and was able to cook most of the breasts.  Chopped chicken and shredded chicken were the two types I needed so I baked them in the oven, about 6-8 breasts at a time.  Made a couple dishes that day.

Sunday: I finished up a couple chicken dishes, separated the beef stew meat and mixed with veggies and seasoning.  Working now on putting together a final list of what's in the freezer.

Aside from your normal kitchen items like salt, pepper, butter, etc. and storage items like pans, freezer bags, and aluminum foil, here's the breakdown of everything I purchased:

Walmart: $69.85
Costco: $25.59
Sprouts: $28.17
Rosas (tortillas): $2.70

Total: $126.31

Freezer Meals in 9x9 pans:
(2) Poppyseed Chicken
(2) Husband's Delight
(2) Sour Cream & Chicken Enchiladas
(4) Twice-Baked Potatoes (actually made 8)
Freezer Meals in Gallon Bags:
(2) Taco Meat
(2) Tomato Cream Sauce
(1) Spaghetti Sauce
(1) Chicken & Bacon (for the Crescent Ring)
(2) Chicken (for fried rice)
(2) Mushroom Beef Stew
(1) Fish Tacos
(1) Honey Sauced Chicken
(1) Chicken Tortilla Soup
(1) Ground beef for meatloaf

That's 24 meals!  My purchases also included most of the sides (white rice, fettucini for Tomato Cream Sauce, crescent rolls, and veggies for the slow cooker dishes.)

Price per meal: $5.26
Price per meal per person: $1.32

I am one happy mama!
Can you believe that's 24 main dishes?!


JARS said...

That is awesome, girl! I need to take time to plan and shop like that!! Thanks for sharing.

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