Monday, March 25, 2013

Advice for Moms, part 3: 10 quickies

1.  Tell your daughter about the magic of Brillo pads and Magic Erasers.  No girl needs to ruin her manicure for burnt-on spaghetti or soap scum in the shower.

2.  Never, ever test whether a pair of underwear is clean by smelling.  Assume it's dirty and wash.  

3.  Repeat after me: Sharpies will be placed in locked box or at an elevation no less than 6 feet off the ground.  All other markers & crayons will be washable.  Period.

4.  Make a rule that you will always say "yes" when a child asks you to read to them.

5.  Spend a lot of time around your friends.  You will yell at your kids less frequently & be a better mother in general.

6.  Make messes, milk mustaches, and burp often with your boys.  They will (probably) keep your secrets.

7.  Boys will have B.O. earlier than you think and girls will be hormonal before they're pre-teen.  Prepare yourself.

8.  Read often.  Read deep & read light; read fiction & read non-fiction.  You'll be so glad you did.    

9.  No matter how overwhelming a moment feels, it will pass in 20 minutes.  Just breathe.  

10. __________________________.  Insert your advice here - you always have something to offer another mom, sister, or friend.  What would you say?

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