Friday, July 18, 2008

Are We Crazy?

First, let me say that updating a blog is slightly more difficult than I had predicted.  Yes, it's just a matter of writing updates, interesting thoughts, or randomness (the last I am particularly a pro) but when I think of it I either 1.  have nothing to say or 2. have too much to say and no where to start.  Ah, the dilemmas of internet communication.

So back to the rhetorical question: Are we crazy?  (No, I'd rather you didn't answer that question.)  We got a dog.  I mean another dog.  Yes, I have a nearly three-year-old and a nearly seven-month-old and a four year old dog.  And yes, I have just started a new job and Brad is starting a new job and our lives are a little turned upside down at the moment.  But we got a dog.

Let me rephrase that:  we got a puppy.

Most people would look at us, roll their "internal" eyes, and silently think we have been sniffing glue.  And there is a corner of my wisdom & education that would completely agree, though I don't even know what kind of glue to sniff.  Rubber cement, maybe?

Bayleigh/Bailee/Bailey (we haven't decided on the spelling) may have been a seemingly odd decision to make in the midst of our life circumstance but sometimes when life makes all the decisions for you, it's empowering to make a small decision for yourself.  A life-giving, joy-bringing, lower-my-blood-pressure decision that for a few moments each day distracts Brad and me from the disappoints we're facing.  She's giving my husband a "job" when he's feeling low about being between careers.

The name Bailey means "a person who manages the affairs for another entity" and in some odd way I think God is teaching us to allow Him to become our Bailey.  And though I'm struggling with His "goodness" in our lives, I'm simply making the choice lately to allow him to manage my affairs.  

So welcome to our lives, sweet Bailey.  Love us faithfully and we'll feed you fully.  Just please don't pee on my bed.

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