Friday, July 4, 2008

Pilot Episode

I've been thinking about starting a blog for months but have faced a serious roadblock: what creative name can I publish under?  I mean, to be really good it's got to have a great title.  Something profoundly obvious but obviously profound.  "The Life and Times of the Thompsons."  Nah, too boring.  "The Thompson Four."  Ugh, what if we grow? 

I was rocking Colby to sleep this morning and singing to lull his sweetness into dreamworld.  (Anyone in our house will tell you that I am oddly gifted at coming up with the most random songs at any given moment of the day.  To Do: write a Broadway Musical about our life and make millions.)  Again, in this moment, wondering about a blog, a title, and my mind began to wander:

The chapters in our lives are like the songs of God.  Some of them are deep minors with low notes and words filled with sorrow.  Others are upbeat tempos with the melody of joy and brightness because things are "just right."  We have refrains that are developed from the character we gain from walking through seasons with certain people or circumstances.

The chapters in my life, my novel, are all because sweet Jesus is writing His story in the grains of my heart & soul.  The songs that flow from these places are expressions of thankfulness, sometimes to God and other times to my husband, my kids, my friends.

And so begins an ordinary diary that tells about the extraordinary life that swirls around me.  Diapers.  Homemade baby food.  Marriage bliss.  An addiction to Target and an affection for puppies.  The memories that slip into my history and the dreams that are at the tips of my fingers.  Efficiency.  Simplicity.  Beauty.

I'm writing another song...

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Rach said...

yay for blogging! I look forward to updates. You can check my blog out as well. I aspire to write more often but for now I continue to write when inspiration strikes. :)