Sunday, September 28, 2008

A New Way of Living

Yesterday was the single best day of my life.  It surpassed my wedding day, and even the births of both my kids.  In fact, if you combined the bliss of each of those events into one bubbly day, it would be half of yesterday's experience.  Let me explain:

1.  Received free piece of furniture.  For those ladies who can relate to building a home on a limited budget, anything *free* is the best.  Especially, a practical piece that can be updated for the cost of new knobs & a quart of paint.

2.  Family loads into car and drives to Log Cabin Village on University.  "Day in the District" opened the doors of all Fort Worth museums to the public for *free* all day Saturday.  Thinking Picasso & Monet would be boring to my toddlers, we ventured to the outdoor log cabins, listened to ol' timey music, stared thankfully at 250 square foot homes that housed 8-10 people, and smelled fresh rosemary.  We then ate apple cobbler & IBC rootbeer.  The bliss of olden days.  

3.  Picked beans & peas at Gnismer Farms in Arlington.  This organic farm produces fruits and vegetables while opening its gate to the public for picking of things such as strawberries & blackberries (out of season), tomatoes, red bell peppers, swiss chard, and more.  Zoe ran up and down the rows of greens, picking random vegetables out of the dirt and ate them raw.  We walked away with the next evening's side dishes in bags, proud of accomplishing more than a trip to Wal-Mart.

4.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel.  In keeping with the day's theme, we set out for another old fashioned experience and found ourselves sitting in Cracker Barrel, eating robust meals & laughing a lot as a family.  Colby munched on baby carrots, Zoe devoured biscuits, and Brad and I just enjoyed our family.

Our phones didn't ring much, we may not have accomplished many tasks, and there might have been dirt in the veggies Zoe ate but we lived yesterday.  My daughter saw a part of creation that usually goes unnoticed and hopefully feels more thankful for her modern toys & spacious bedroom.  I reconnected with my husband through quiet and simplicity, rather than entertainment and escape.  

What a great day.     

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