Friday, November 30, 2012

Let the Advent-ure Begin

I've been working on multiple Advent projects this year and I'm worn out.  I just tried decorating my front porch with poinsettias and a Christmas tree and couldn't make anything work.  I guess the creative juices spilled out at my trip to Walmart this morning.  *sigh* 

Here are a few tips on the projects I did and their sources.  

#1: Advent Calendar
Original Project from Pinterest:
Click here for tutorial.
My tips for beginners & non-sewers: find white stickers instead of embroidering the numbers (iron-on digits don't come that small and are expensive if you find them).  Hot glue all the felt INSTEAD of sewing.  Find one large piece of white felt (it comes by the yard) instead of the white squares.  Here's my finished project:

  #2: Reindeer Art
Inspiration came from a pillow knock-off and again, my sewing skills are threadbare so I did craft paper instead.  

Here's the pillow:
Click here for PILLOW tutorial
I used her pattern for the reindeer (print off, at a smaller scale if necessary, using two pieces of 8x11 printer paper).  Cut out the pattern and trace it onto 12x12 craft paper from Hobby Lobby.  After you cut the reindeer, tape or glue it to the back of another piece of 12x12 craft paper.  In the large frame section, find a 12x12 frame ($5 when half-off). Easy peasy and about $6/piece.
My final project:
#3: Daily Advent Traditions & Bible Reading

I need structure and knew I would especially need it to accomplish our Advent/Christmas goals and traditions.  Inspired by a "Christmas Fun List," I mapped out the 24 days leading up to Christmas and assigned each date a Bible reading and "fun" event.  
Click here for source
...combined with The Jesus Storybook Bible reading plan...

Click here for reading plan
Here is what I made:

And without getting into too much detail, start a new Word doc, make a text box, give it a border/frame, use some pretty fonts and holiday colors, and copy and paste the box until you have 24.  Shoot me an email or comment if you want me to send you my original Word or Pages doc.  

Happy Advent-ing!

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