Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Miley

You're probably rolling your eyes at me and already putting up a defensive front. I mean, who cares what a thirty-something, homeschooling mom has to say about your life. I guess that's my problem: I care a lot about your life. And not for the reasons you may assume. 

My daughter, who turns eight on Friday, has never heard of you. She doesn't know who Hannah Montana is, hasn't listened to your music, and I'm not the least bit worried about your influence in her life. It's nonexistent. But that doesn't diminish my downright, heart-breaking love and compassion for you. Because, you see, God loves you and created you for something bigger than yourself and I can see a glimpse of it. I hope for you, right now, that you could be sober and lonely enough to be desperate. Truly amazing things just might happen.   

My people - Christians - would probably take this chance to lecture you, shame you to another cigarette, or point to some bigger "Hollywood culture" problem. Forget them. You are just a girl who wants to be loved, find a purpose, and change the world.  Let's do it together. I might decide to wear jeans and a T-shirt over my bra and panties, tote a purse with diapers, and drink less than once a week but our hearts are the same. They are simply scandalous apart from grace.  Did you know that you shouldn't expect anything good out of your character except what God gives you grace to find? Sorry if Christians make it sound otherwise.   

You are a very popular girl right now. This afternoon, the lady at the coffee drive-through was talking about you. To me. In a minivan. I can't even imagine how you handle the pressure, attention, and fame. Maybe you *don't* handle it as you navigate the course of identity and security. Those waters are rough under the most idyllic circumstances. Add a famous dad, fortune, and a lot of funk and you have a recipe for struggle. Your pillows must have mascara stains from the tears you cry at night. I wish I could give you a big hug and look you straight up in the eyes and say:

You are loved. By a big God. An intimate God who chose you and still chooses you. 

I pray that you find relief. I pray that you find peace. I pray that in the SHOUTING FOR YOUR ATTENTION, OVER HERE, WE PROMISE YOU EVERYTHING AND GIVE YOU NOTHING madness, that you would see that grace will carry you and sustain you. It will redeem you with swift rescue.  Don't ever believe that you don't need rescuing. 

As one who can simply point to the greater Someone and with all my love,


Sunni said...

This is great! I share the same feelings. I'm broken for her lost heart. It hits home for me, because I was the same as her in my early 20's. I just didn't have the 'team' to take advantage of me or the platform to perform.

I've been debating about writing my letter- not just to her, but to all of the 20 year old girls who struggle with trying to figure out who they are.

Lynn | Motherhood in Motion said...

5Amen! Thank you for saying what everyone is thinking.

Unknown said...

This was beautifully written! So many young women need to hear this message.

Heather Thompson said...

Thanks, Sunni!

Heather Thompson said...

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Heather Thompson said...

Courtney-thanks for stopping by!

Marissa Writes said...

Well stated Heather - I've come across many blogs bashing miley on her decisions, but I just can't get there, she is very much still a child who is simply looking to belong. this is perfect. Thank you for sharing it.

I'm stopping by after seeing your info on the WLW book launch and wanted to check out your corner. I might have to stop by once in a while (adding you to my bloglovin feed)